About Starbreaker

I began writing the Starbreaker saga in 1996, seeking to write a literary rock opera paying tribute to classic heavy metal and progressive rock. The sensible thing to do would have been get a few other people together and start a tribute band, but I already knew I wasn't enough of a musician to do the job.

The epic first took the form of an unpublished 289,000 word novel in 2009. After years of work, I re-imagined the Starbreaker saga as a quartet of novels, and released the first of them in 2013. After getting side-tracked with a prequel featuring a major supporting character as its protagonist — and the responsibilities of a married man with a day job — I'm ready to continue the saga.

Starbreaker takes place in a future similar ours where...

Welcome to Starbreaker, where all-too-human androids and swashbuckling soprano catgirls expose corruption and fight demons from outer space on a near-future alternate Earth. Humanity has risen from global collapse to an interplanetary Renaissance in less than a century. Meanwhile a clandestine war between demons threatens to go hot once more. Morgan, Naomi, and their friends are caught in the middle and they are not pleased.

If you're interested, I'm releasing the rough cuts online. You can start with the short stories, or go right to the novels.

Shorter Stories

Start here if you just want a taste.


The stories listed above are only a taste of Starbreaker. If you want the full story, you've got a lot of reading to do.

Works in Progress

I'm currently working on a sequel to Without Bloodshed. Part 2 of Starbreaker is currently entitled Dissident Aggressor.

Another sequel entitled Shattered Guardian is on hold and will constitute part 3 of Starbreaker.

Future Works

I plan to complete the main Starbreaker saga with a fourth novel entitled Unyielding Defiance.